Greetings and welcome! I'm AKANKE RASHEED The Ascension Coach™

I'm on a mission to raise awareness about life as a sacred spiritual journey from God back to God and supporting Muslim women to live life more fully.  Life is our test and the key factor in passing this test is to remember to call on God Almighty.  

Through Sacred Ascension™ courses and retreats, I help women identify, assess, and cultivate essential traits needed to become spiritually stronger, resilient, fortified, and beautiful as they embrace the beauty and sacredness of life and the dynamics of their "spiritual walking". 


Coming soon! The Sacred Ascension™ Book

A Little About Me

I am a passionate advocate of spirituality and personal transformation. In 1989, at the age of 26, I unexpectedly embarked on a path of transformation at a time when I really striving but struggling to discover life, but had fledging self-esteem and lots of uncertainty about my direction.  I was blessed to meet someone who invited me to a self-development seminar that sparked a series of learning opportunities and ignited a passion within me which led to an unending journey of self-discovery.

Back then I was 'Leslie Ann' and today I am Akanke Tiamoyo Rasheed.  My name change alone is symbolic of the deep layers of personal growth and evolution I’ve experienced on my journey. 

I want to invite you to embrace and accelerate your personal growth and spiritual transformation. At the core of every woman is a strong, expressive, spiritual voice that beckons and pushes her to move forward on her journey...and encourages her to thrive and be wonderfully alive. You are uniquely blessed by God with a life that has purpose and meaning. Actualizing that purpose is done by getting to know yourself and by knowing who God is.  Once you truly realize you are a wonderful creation of God Almighty and when you also know more deeply who God Almighty has revealed Himself to be, you will experience greater peace, love, grace, beauty, confidence and spirituality even when you are faced with challenges and adversity, God willing.  This is the essence of what it means to be on The Sacred Journey of Ascenion™.