Greetings and welcome! I'm AKANKE RASHEED The Ascension Coach™

I'm on a mission to raise awareness about life being a sacred journey from God back to God and supporting Muslim women live life more fully by embracing all their joys and challenges.  Life is your Teacher and God is your Principle, your Director, AND your Curriculum Specialist and He wants you to succeed.  Your life will include blessings and challenges that test your faith and in order to pass the test a key factor is to  remember to call on Him—100%. 

Coming soon! The Sacred Ascension™ Book

A Little About Me

I am a passionate advocate of personal transformation. In 1989, at the age of 26, I embarked on a path of transformation at a time when I had fledging self-esteem and lots of uncertainty about my life and direction.  I met someone who invited me to a seminar and that sparked a series of learning opportunities that led to an unending journey of self-discovery. Back then I was 'Leslie Ann' and today I am  Akanke Tiamoyo Rasheed.  My name change alone is symbolic of the deep layers of personal growth and evolution that I’ve experienced. 

I want to invite you to accelerate your own growth and transformation.  You are uniquely blessed with life and there is no better way to excel than by getting to know yourself.  Once you truly realize that you are a wonderful creation of God Almighty and when you also know more about Who God truly is, you will experience more peace, love, grace, beauty, confidence and spirituality even when you are faced with challenges.


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