~Akanke Rasheed, The Ascension Coach


Our life is a journey from Our Divine Creator—back to Our Divine Creator—in many stages. As we go through these stages there will be many, many ebbs and flows. On this dynamic journey we will be guided and blessed...And inevitably, we will also be tested.

Give your soul a powerful boost

"I swear by the glow of sunset, And by the night as it gathers, And by the moon growing to its fullness. You will surely move
from stage to stage."

The Holy Qur'an — 84:16–19


Today, crisis is all around us

  1. Worldwide pandemic, unemployment, police brutality, racism and protests.
  2. To live with peace amidst these intense times requires us to armor up mentally and spiritually to protect our heart and guide our soul.
  3. Our faith needs to be fortitude to endure these times.
Create a Crystal Clear Vision
Create a Crystal Clear Vision

''and He is with you wherever you are. "

Quran - 57:4"


So, how are you doing, beloved?

  1. Maybe you are questioning your purpose, feeling stagnated, and being challenged by distractions that are keeping you from forging ahead.
  2. Are you having thoughts of hopelessness, fear, or deep concern about doing what Allah has inspired you to do when there seems to be so much upheaval?
  3. Do you know deep inside that you are meant to rise high but are feeling distanced from your goals and disconnected from your source of inspiration?
Create a Crystal Clear Vision
Create a Crystal Clear Vision

"Do the people think that they will be left to say, "We believe" and they will not be tried?"

Qur'an—Sura 29, Ayah 2


Experiencing challenges and trials...and rising above them, can lead to great breakthroughs, insight, and powerful personal growth that AWAKENs YoUR SOUL.

Give your soul a powerful boost

You are meant to ascend higher.

~Akanke Rasheed, The Ascension Coach


Through facing your challenges with trust in God you can become:

  1. More resilient and strong, self-aware and self-directed
  2. More spiritually focused and self-nurturing, trusting in Allah and His promises
  3. More empowered as a believer and more fortified in your faith
Create a Crystal Clear Vision

“Indeed, Allah does not change the condition of people unless they change
their inner selves.”

Qur'an—Sura 14, Ayah 11

The purpose of The Ascension Retreat is to create a nurturing space that facilitates a transformative experience. The intention is to engage in dynamic conversations, meaningful reflection, self-discovery, healing, and personal growth as we navigate the joys—and especially the challenges on our journey—the journey of ascension. If you are ready to cultivate greater spiritual strength and fortified faith take the journey with us. ♡


Facilitated by Sister Akanke Rasheed

Akanke is a Muslim woman who loves Allah, life, people, sincere conversations, and LOVE itself. She is a woman with many passions and pursuits, but her greatest passion is spirituality and personal growth.

Akanke's own journey of ascension started in 1989 when she was faced with the decision to stay comfortable with her life and career in corporate America or take the risk to leave and become a better version of herself—which required courage in the face of sudden change, uncertainties, and deep transformation. With an endless desire to become her best, Akanke's self-actualization journey began and took many twists and turns—full of joys and many challenges—including the death of her mother and becoming a widow twice. As such, death has been one of her greatest teachers about life, love, relationships, faith, and spirituality.

As a Muslim, her trust in Allah has been shaped by the challenges she has faced because she was able to see how her faith helped her endure life's challenges. This is quite a change from who she was 30 years ago, which she didn't even have belief in God.

Today, Akanke is on the continous path of a spiritual warrior—always looking for the spiritual lessons and growth that comes on the journey of life when faced with difficulties. Her love for Allah and life makes her a compassionate leader and an effective coach and mentor. She considers it an honor, blessing, and unique responsibility to help uplift others and she does so with a deep sense of love, grace, gratitude and authenticity.

Akanke has certifications in life coaching, nutrition coaching, spiritual intelligence assessments, and personality profiles assessments. She also has a bachelor's degree in film and television and has produced and hosted TV and radio talk shows and short documentaries and she continues pursuing these interests. She published her first book— 99 Ways to Know Allah: An Ebook and Digital Journal for Studying the Beautiful Names of God Almighty, and is working on writing her next book about personal growth and spirituality.
Akanke Rasheed

Talk with Akanke to see if The
Ascension Retreat is right for you. ♡


The Ascension Retreat is for you, if you..

  1. are ready to dive deeper into the ocean of who you are and the wonderous nature in which Allah has made you
  2. LOVE ISLAM and want to become stronger AS A MUSLIM WOMAN by living with greater love, faith, trust, and the courage to be seen as the beautiful soul you are
  3. Want to move through your fears, tap into your own beauty and blessings, and live with greater purpose, confidence, and self-expression
  4. Want to cultivate your spiritual, emotional, and body intelligences and live with more balance, grace, and fulfillment.
  5. Enjoy having empowered discussions that create new insight and meaningful transformation.
Create a Crystal Clear Vision
Create a Crystal Clear Vision
Create a Crystal Clear Vision

"So remember Me; I will remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me."

Qur'an—Sura 2, Ayah 152


At The Ascension
Retreat, You’ll:

  1. Uncover the Hidden beliefs that affect your thinking and slows down your progress
  2. Adopt new empowered beliefs that help you move forward and ascend higher
  3. Learn to live with greater assurance, clarity, purpose and focus to pursue your divinely inspired dreams
  4. Create a Personal Vision that is aligned with what Allah has commanded and fashioned you to do and leave alone distractions that don't support your purpose
  5. Design a Custom Ascension Plan to help you reach your goals, navigate your ascension, and experience the Success you yearn for, in shaa Allah
Create a Crystal Clear Vision
Create a Crystal Clear Vision

Retreat participants will be guided through
the following stages on the journey of ascension


The Awareness Module is the gateway sets the stage for the whole retreat. Through a space of compassion, listening and support participants will unearth the stories, their struggle and the vision in order to begin the ascension.


The Assurance Module facilitates strengthening the participants’ will and confidence to move forward on their ascension and live with greater purpose. It reinforces a stronger relationship with Allah—understanding that the strength of our partnership with Allah is the foundation for all success in life.


The Alignment Module focuses on our relationship with Allah and and aligning with a divine mission—a yearning that is from Allah. Participants gain certainty of purpose and trust that their life will unfold meaningfully and beautifully with proper alignment.


This Awakening Module cultivates a deeper connection with participants' passion for wholistic success. In this part of the retreat we turn up the excitement about using our unique gifts in service to others. This Awakening Module helps attendees get in touch with their aroused visions by asking the question, “What is calling your soul”?


In the Alchemy Module, participants are led to create deeper connections to their spiritual, emotional, and body intelligence. These are the core intelligences that, when properly understood and developed, create wholistic wellness and sustainable success.


Ascension is the ultimate goal in our life. The Ascension Room is about charting the participant’s destiny and creating a clear vision for their onward and upward journey. Ascension requires commitment, resilience and fortitude. Attendees will learn skills in self-determination, self-leadership and self-management which will help them manage the ebbs and flows of life as they rise higher through the joys and challenges they will experience.

Create a Crystal Clear Vision
Create a Crystal Clear Vision

Your retreat registration includes:

  1. The Ascension Seminar, A 3-day, deep dive, compassionate, and engaging workshop designed to create openings, insights and personal transformation with the help of Allah.
  2. Wellness activities including yoga, meditation, watching the sunrise on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and walking on the beach.
  3. cultural activities including an island tour, meeting local Muslims, and attending jumuah prayer at a masjid established by local Muslims of color, with the help of Allah.
  4. Lodging at a beautiful colorful resort in breezy pod rooms with friendly staff.
  5. airport pick up and other ground transportation.

“Assuredly, what comes later will be better for you than what has gone before”

Qur'an — Sura 93, Ayah 4

Create a Crystal Clear Vision
Create a Crystal Clear Vision

AFTER THE RETREAT You Will continue ascending, in shaa Allah as you get continuous support to help you:

  1. Stay connected with your sacred covenant with Allah through remembrance.
  2. Live with divine grace, assurance and abundance despite the challenges that come up.
  3. Engage in group coaching and training sessions, in shaa Allah.



Every Soul Is here to ascend.

Talk with Akanke to see if The
Ascension Retreat is right for you. ♡

As salaamu alaikum and welcome!